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Viber is joining WhatsApp and Apple and rolls out end-to-end encryption for its application. So, from now on, one-to-one and group conversations will be encrypted, no matter if they’re video, voice and text messages and no Viber employee or Government agency will have access to them.

End-to-end encryption was introduced in Apple’s iMessage in 2013, but after the deadly act of terrorism from San Bernardino, in December, last year, when the FBI asked Apple to unlock the iPhone of one of the attackers, a war started between the company and the US government. WhatsApp was one of its first allies and now Viber is joining the resistance, by introducing end-to-end encryption for its application.

Moreover, the developers have brought a new feature called Hidden Chats, which allows users to hide encrypted messages that can’t be deciphered by Viber, but which will be accessed only with a four-digit PIN number. Viber’s spokesperson has promised that the new encryption update will reach all users in several weeks, so be patient and let it happen.

Viber has been released in December 2010 and it’s available for the following platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS, iOS, Series 40, Symbian, Bada and Linux. Some of its features include free voice calls to other Viber users and with the Viber Out service, users can call landline and mobile numbers, but the rates are very low.

Smart Notifications will combine all messages received by the same person, consecutively, and will provide only a notification for them; likewise on WhatsApp, users can hide Seen and Online status; in order to extend the battery life, the light screen can be turned off and before sending an image, users can doodle on it. Also, if there are too many messages in a conversation, all of them can be deleted from the chat room. Alternatively, messages can be edited by tapping on the Navicon option.