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More than one billion people actively use the popular mobile message applications WhatsApp. In the past, users had to be $0.99 annually to use it. Today, developers have opted to make it free to use.

Still, the application must use the Internet to receive and send messages, meaning users must ensure their smartphone has either Wi-Fi connection or mobile data.  A mew WhatsApp version was released for Nokia Symbian devices. While the 2.16.9 version has no big changes, it does offer fixes for bugs and problems developers discovered on the update’s previous version.

Rumors circulated that Nokia Symbian WhatsApp would get the feature Voice Calling, but it appears it’s not going to happen. Developers recently announced they’re no longer going to support Nokia Symbian after 2016. Therefore, if it doesn’t come before then, it’s not going to happen.

How People Can Install WhatsApp On Their Nokia Symbian Device

The latest version can be download from WhatsApp official website. Once the SIS file has been downloaded, users must uninstall the older version from their smartphone.  They can then go to the folder the saved SIS file is at and begin the installation of WhatsApp BETA.

Special Note: The 2.16.9 version of WhatsApp is still in its BETA stage, meaning errors and bugs are liable to be found. Developers are asking users to report these issues to them for fixing so the next version is stable.