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We’ve been waiting for quite some long time for Moto to really do the fingerprint reader thing again, haven’t we? That is, if you remember Motorola Atrix.

As promised by Chen Xudong, Lenovo’s SVP – the company that owns Motorola Mobility (now renamed Moto) probably not to cause confusion between Lenovo’s Motorola and Motorola Solutions – the Moto G (4th generation) will have fingerprint recognition software imbedded in the mobile – at least according to a leak.

This is not a new thing for Motorola at all, not even by a long shot. The first phone to have a fingerprint scanner embedded into it was the Motorola Atrix and that was about 5 years ago in 2011. It was designed so that it would only be activated by its owner and no one else. Latter, this type of technology was used by Apple as part of the TouchID feature and there was a huge debate about which company offered the better and more secure fingerprint scanner.

It took a while for Motorola to go back to that technology but according to the leak, the 4th generation Moto G will have the fingerprint reader positioned on the front but no one is sure if it will work as a button or not. Furthermore, the camera will be the same – with the vertical strip and it will have two dots right above it that could mean that the phone will have Laser Autofocus. There isn’t much information in the leak about the specs or price or other details.

But hold you horses, there will be sometime before we actually get to see this 4th generation of Moto G with its fingerprint reader, as the 3rd generation was released in 2015 and there will take some time before another Moto smartphone from Lenovo will be released.