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Without a doubt, the end-to-end encryption made WhatsApp users trust this application even more, as they feel more protected when chatting with their friends and sharing private information. The problem is that some people cannot be trusted, as they pretend to be someone else and they can manipulate vulnerable targets to disclose personal details about them, without knowing they’re actually chatting with a stranger. In order to fix this, WhatsApp has introduced an option that will notify users when their friends change their devices.

This new setting is very important, because you will know when your friend will remove the SIM card from his/her device and use it on another phone. You can check if he still owns the SIM by giving him/her a phone call, in order to make sure that your friend still owns the SIM card, because you could be talking to an imposter and if you start telling him your secrets, then you’ll get into trouble.

You can enable this feature by tapping the Settings icon from the bottom right of the screen and opening the Account settings area, where you will turn on the “Show Security Notifications” setting.

Another thing you can do to increase your WhatsApp security is to open a conversation with your friend (which you’ll meet face-to-face), select his/her name from the top of the conversation and when the contact window will be opened, near the bottom of the screen will be displayed a setting for Encryption. Tap on it and on the screen will appear a QR code as well as a 60-digit decimal code, and you’ll allow your device to scan your friend’s code, and vice versa, which means that you must allow camera access in WhatsApp.

From now on, when you communicate with your friends, you’ll be sure that you won’t be talking with impostors who steal phones and pretend to be the owners.

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