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Hands down, Samsung has become one of the world’s best Android phone manufacturers, due to their high-quality smartphones, tablets and phablets, which are phones big enough to be a tablet.

Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 5: What’s The Difference Between The Two?

If users are to look at the timeline of the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S7, they’ll notice that both devices are the best in their respective categories.  Still, Samsung has plans to make the Galaxy Note 6 sooner than later although no official word has been given on when that may be.

Sizes Of Their Screens

The key difference between the Note and S is their screen size. The S7 has a 5.1-inch screen size while the Note 5 is a bit more at 5.7-inches.  In terms of resolution, it’s the same for both: 1440 by 2560. However, for the S7, this means a higher pixel density, though to the naked eye, there is no major difference.

Hardware Differences

The S7 and Note have obvious hardware differences that affect nearly every part of the phone, including their user interface and camera capabilities. When it comes to choosing a phone, one really needs to consider the phone’s hardware.

A majority of flagships are similar. However, since Note 5 was released earlier, it’s got some drawbacks in its hardware. When it comes to competing with the S7, the Note 5 lacks in various aspects.

A key advantage to the higher megapixel camera with increased screen size is that the Note 5 makes it a worthwhile option unless someone is waiting for the Galaxy Note 6.

About The Software

Samsung has been doing a relatively good job at keep their phones current. Thus, Galaxy Note 5 owners can enjoy the newest Android software and its benefits – such as the latest features or UI update. Users can update from Lollipop to Android Marshmallow if they want.

Samsung has promised that their future phones and compatible but older phones will be current with the latest Android releases. Therefore, it’s anticipated that the S7 will be current as well as any other Samsung-released device.