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After the earthquake in Ecuador, Facebook activated its Safety Check feature once again. If you haven’t stumbled upon people who were marked as safe on Facebook, you should know that it’s a feature designed to help users inform their family and friends that they are safe after a major disaster, or even a terrorist attack.

The most notable times it was deployed, were for the disaster in Nepal from last year and the recent terrorist attacks from Brussels.

Right now, it was activated after an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 on the Richter scale struck Ecuador. Apparently, the quake struck near Esmeraldas, but the tremors could be felt all the way to Colombia, and there were more than 500 injured people and at least 77 dead.

The feature is usually activated short term, as it wouldn’t be as effective in areas where bigger conflicts take place. Initially, it was used in case of natural disasters, but recently it was also used for major terrorist attacks.