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Apple recently unveiled its four-inch iPhone SE screen, and many customers were immediately attracted and looking for something similar to the company’s iPhone 5S.  However, most folks know Apple anticipates something bigger in terms of its sales.

And, the latest information shows that the introduction of Apple’s new iPhone is getting the attention of a new kind of consumer – the Android users. The four-inch iPhone SE may not be surprising the smartphone fans, but information noting online sales shows that the phone is bringing more Android users to the iOS.

Based on information from Slice Intelligence, a research firm, in the first weekend after its release, the iPhone SE amounted to around three percent of its iPhone 6’s figures during the same period.

These figures for the company’s online sales are generate via electronic receipts in emails from a board of four million online U.S. buyers.

Apple had wanted to release its four-inch iPhone because it knew it would draw in new iOS platform users. During the last two years, nearly half of the iPhone 6s buyers brought an iPhone through the Internet where just 10 percent bought an Android phone during the same period of time.

In terms of figures, iPhone SE buyers amount to 35 percent and 16 percent, meaning more Android users are purchasing the latest device. During the last two years, 48 percent of the iPhone SE buyers didn’t buy a new phone, whereas just 40 percent of the iPhone 6s buyer.

Basically, the newest four-inch screen iPhone SE appears to garnering consumers who don’t want the usual two-year upgrade.

The information also reveals that most of the buyers for the iPhone SE is male and older compared to the buyers of the iPhone.

Slice Intelligence said about 21 percent of the SE buyers are in the age range of 45 to 54 compared to 18 percent for iPhone buyers. 77 percent of the SE buyers are men compared to 69 percent.

The firm said 15 percent of Apple’s iPhone SE buyers were 65 and older compared to just 12.8 percent for the same age group for the iPhone.  It said this statistic is a revelation in how popular the iPhone SE, especially to new iPhone consumers. It said 38 percent of these buyers have a college degree of some type, compared to 46 percent of people who ordered the iPhone 6 or 6s.

Slice Intelligence said its early information is showing that SE could ensure Apple continues to grow its iPhone customer base. Just 35 percent of iPhone SE buyers bought an iPhone through the Internet in the last two years; 16 percent of these buyers had been Android users.

Looking at these statistics, it looks as if the iPhone SE, with a cost of $399, will do better than the company flagship.