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Spirits are heating more and more in the market of virtual reality gears, and GoPro could not stay behind. They have released their plans for a VR camera for those who love making films and in general, for the fans of GoPro.  The company attended an event in Las Vegas (the National Association of Broadcasters event), where they revealed a VR camera and launched a new platform for those who want to share videos.

But first things first! The new camera is an Omni VR one. It has 6 cameras which are synchronized in a spherical shape. However, the case in itself looks like a rounded square, not a perfect sphere. The aluminum rig is specifically designed for action shots and made very light. This, plus the six cameras, will cost $4,999 and will enable users to film in 8 K.

Besides that, we will also enjoy GoPro VR, which is something between a free platform and a website for both iOS and Android. Here we will be able to see VR content people upload from the entire world, and also we will be able to share it. They have also released a footage which is interactive on YouTube, if you just Google it up.

However, such platforms previously released showed that there isn’t a great interest out there. Samsung also paved the way with their Milk VR, which did not enjoy such a popularity. However, who knows if the main focus of GoPro, shooting outdoor dynamic activities like surfing, skateboarding and many more, would not be the ticket to a full success of such a platform. Also, to this we can add the fact that last year they also released the GoPro Odyssey, which is a circular of 16 cameras, sold at $15,000.