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Pokemon Sun and Moon fans have been very excited when they’ve found out that CoroCoro magazine will reveal some new information about the game. However, for some reason, CoroCoro magazine has trolled the gamers as it contained a blank box art of the game, saying that they will reveal more information in May 2016. Without any doubts the publication has disappointed many fans.

This didn’t stop other fans from trying to “decipher” clues from that box art. A YouTuber that goes by the name of TyranitarTube was one of those fans, and even if he used his skills in Photoshop, he was not able to find anything.

However, TyranitarTube also came with a theory on who will be the new legendary Pokemon. We remind you that the same person has previously speculated that this could be the perfect form of Zygarde. Now, he thinks that it might be the mega evolution of Lugia and Ho-Oh from Pokemon Silver and Pokemon Gold versions. It is good to know that the Lugia is tied to the moon, while the Ho-Oh is tied to the sun, which means that there is a high chance that TyranitarTube might be right.

There are also rumors which say that the Pokemon Sun and Moon will be the spiritual success to Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver, exactly how the Pokemon X and Pokemon Y were to Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue.

It is just a matter of time until CoroCoro magazine will finally reveal the box and we will see if TyranitarTube’s theory was right.  Until then, we suggest you to see his video below:

The Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are expected to be released sometime in Q4 2016 for Nintendo 3DS.