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We’ve already gone over the basic details about the real-time combat system used in Pokémon GO, and today the user ThisIsProfessorOak from TheSilphRoad provided a detailed look at Pokémon GO battles.

He has split his information into hard facts, opinions, and speculation, so for now let’s take a look at the confirmed facts.

As we discussed previously, your Pokémon have a basic attack triggered by tapping as well as a more powerful press-and-hold attack. ThisIsProfessorOak has confirmed the dodge move, as well. You can dodge an attack by swiping left or right, and since it is a circular arena, your dodges move your in a circle around the other Pokémon. The game gives you indicators of when the opposing Pokémon is about to strike: red targets on your Pokémon if the opponent is using the basic tap attack, and a radar-like warning if the opponent is charging an attack.

Right now, players can set one Pokémon to train at a Gym that belongs to their team, and six Pokémon can be sent to attack enemy Gyms. At a Gym, you can see which Pokémon are there, as well as the avatars of those Pokémon’s trainers. A Gym’s level seems to determine how many Pokémon it can have at one time. When the player beat a Gym that had two Pokémon, the Gym’s prestige loss knocked it down to level 1, and then it only had one defending Pokémon.

It’s great to learn new information like this about Pokémon GO. Be sure to check out the full post for these details as well as ThisIsProfessorOak’s thoughts on strategy, difficulty, things that could be different once the full game is out, speculation based on the apk, and more.

(And yes, it is entertaining to cite Professor Oak for this information. Who could be a better source for Pokémon GO information than a Pokémon professor, after all?)

What questions do you still have about the battle system in Pokémon GO? Right now, are you excited for it or do you think it’s been taken in the wrong direction? Has this new information changed your mind? Let us know in the comments!