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Ace Attorney 6 will be out on June 9 in Japan, with a worldwide release to follow later this year. Many exciting details have been revealed, from returning characters to early case details, and now new footage will be shown next week.

According to information translated by the Ace Attorney fan site Court-Records, Ace Attorney 6 will be featured at the Japanese video game convention NicoNico Chou Kaigi. It will have a special stage show, featuring Apollo’s Japanese voice actor, will take place on April 29 at 11:30 JST.

This show promises to reveal new information and “as-yet-unseen footage,” so we can look forward to new Ace Attorney 6 details soon.

While it’s unlikely a Japanese convention would include news about the upcoming localization or a potential release date, there are still things we could learn. Many characters from previous games have been announced, and this could be a good time for more to be revealed.

Another thing this event may confirm is who will prosecute cases in Kurain. Ace Attorney 6’s story is split between the Kingdom of Kurain and Japan (California in the English localization). The tutorial prosecutor has been revealed (it’s Gaspen Payne again), along with Nayuta Sadmadhi, the prosecutor featured on the cover art. However, Nayuta is an international prosecutor who will handle the cases back home.

This makes it uncertain who Phoenix will face in Kurain. Does Leifa, Kurain’s princess and spirit medium, sometimes act the part of prosecutor? Will Nayuta travel back and forth between the two countries to be the main prosecutor overall? Will a previous prosecutor return and take up cases in Kurain for some reason? Or will a new character be revealed, giving Ace Attorney 6 two new prosecutors?

We can’t say for sure if the prosecutor situation will be clarified at NicoNico Chou Kaigi, but it’s exciting to know Ace Attorney 6 news of some sort is coming on April 29. Capcom has been generous with information, and hopefully a worldwide release date isn’t far off.

Are you looking forward to Ace Attorney 6? Who do you think will prosecute cases in Kurain after the tutorial case against Gaspen? Let us know in the comments.

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