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If we were to compare the features of all the good smartphones and take the best in order to create a perfect one, the result would be some sort of Frankenphone. However, the one that gets the closest to the perfect smartphone is HTC 10. It’s hard to decide between the two phones, since what one lacks in a feature, the other compensates with another and so on.

If we take into account the appearance and the software, HTC 10 is better than S7, definitely. But if we think about screen quality, camera quality and battery life, we have to admit that the S7 beats HTC. This mainly shows how competitive the smartphone market is, and how much a decision for a good phone is based on personal preference, not on performance necessarily. That’s why if you don’t care too much about battery life and pictures, HTC is the thing for you.

There is also a question about practicality. S7 Edge looks absolutely gorgeous, and we have to admit that it is a good move, but the edge screen can lead to “accidents” when people press the screen without wanting to. HTC 10 looks quite bulky for a modern phone, but it’s very practical and reliable. For instance, it is far much easier to reach the power button in the dark with HTC than it is with S Edge.

Moreover, as we said, the S7 has an amazing battery life, around 2,5 days, while the HTC doesn’t get near at all. Also, it comes with an amazing Amoled screen and a good weatherproofing. The fingerprint reader is better on the HTC than the S7, being faster and more responsive. All in all, it’s hard to decide between the two, since all that matters is personal preferences and needs.