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Like many prominent series, The Elder Scrolls has many fans waiting for news about the next game. Yet there haven’t been any whispers about The Elder Scrolls 6 yet, and you have to play something in the meantime. If you’re looking for a game to play before The Elder Scrolls 6, here are some other fantasy RPGs you might consider checking out.

The best choice is clearly the rest of the Elder Scrolls series. If you’re looking forward to one, why not go back and catch up on previous games you might have missed?

But if you’ve already played the Elder Scrolls games or are looking for something with a different flavor, Dragon Age is another good one. It’s much more story-driven than the Elder Scrolls, and only the third game is open-world, but Dragon Age has a strong fantasy setting and enjoyable gameplay.

Likewise, only the third game in the Witcher series has an open world, and you don’t play as a custom character, but The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is praised as one of the best open world games of all. The first two games in the series might feel a little old, but they’re still enjoyable fantasy RPGs. And if you’re really interested in the world, keep in mind that The Witcher is based on an excellent series of novels.

If you want to branch even further away, why not enter the punishing, bleak RPG world of Dark Souls? After all, the newest game in the series just came out and it’s a great time to jump in. Another, more obscure possibility is Dark Messiah of Might & Magic. While it isn’t an open world game, it’s a solid action RPG.

These are only a few of the fantasy RPGs you might want to check out while you’re waiting for news on The Elder Scrolls 6. None are quite the same as The Elder Scrolls, but each has its own strengths. And if you don’t mind leaving the fantasy setting behind to try some science fiction, you could look into series like Fallout or even Mass Effect.

What games would you most recommend to fans waiting for the next Elder Scrolls game?