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After Bethesda released its second DLC, Wasteland Workshop, fans of Fallout 4 still ask themselves if it’s worth it. That is because unlike the first DLC, Automatron, which brought forward new character quests and equipment, the new one doesn’t bring anything quite so new. It’s basically an add-on that helps gamers craft more items.

If you don’t know whether to buy it or not, then maybe reading some players’ reviews might help you. And we have some examples:

Jared Petty from IGN states that while he wasn’t a big fan of the settlement building feature, he is quite pleased with the Wasteland Workshop, as it allowed him to explore his creativity and imagination. One example of that is that he built a zoo with strange animals found in Fallout 4’s universe. He is a bit disappointed “that there are no stories or missions built around these new settlement options, but the new tools in the toolbox do make Fallout 4 a more creative game”, but it’s “amusing to capture raiders and deathclaws, imprison them in your settlements, and then force them through gauntlets of elaborate traps.”

Geek’s Charles Battersby noted that it can be quite tiresome for players to build trails between different settlements because they need to use items already acquired, instead of new ones. But he is pleased with the new Decontamination Arch which removes the radiation levels in settlements. It can also be built when payers install the new DLC.

Destructoid’s Nic Rowan said that he actually enjoys the new items, especially the nixie lights and candelabras, but he finds some of the other items introduces unnecessary, especially the ones used for defending the settlements, because they take a lot of time to be crafted and they also attack innocent characters.

“As a product for humans though, I can’t see Wasteland Workshop as anything but a bad buy,” Rowan concluded.