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There is a new WhatsApp for Android update on the market which was released yesterday. This one is a beta release though so you won’t be able to download it from the Google Play Store. This update’s download file has the 451098 build number and is about 27 MB in weight and can run on any Android tablet or smart phone.

Although previous updates added a few new features here and there, this last one doesn’t offer anything new except for bug fixes, and certain improvements that make the app faster and more stable. You may not think it’s that much of a great thing, but important messenger apps always have to be updated.

Even though it’s only a beta version and cannot be found on Google Play Store you can download it if you do the following:

Go to Settings – Security – Unknown Sources. Tick the latter panel to enable it because only then will you be able to install files directly on the device. Then you have to go to WhatsApp’s site and download the update from there. From that point one, you will be instructed on how to open it and install it. It’s very easy as it is with all Android apps.

If you encounter any problems after the installation, it’s all right. This kind of thing always happens with beta versions and you should always expect it regardless of app or OS or anything technology related even if it doesn’t always happen. If you want to get the latest stable version, uninstall the beta update and just search for the stable version on Google Play Store.

That being said, I have to again insist on the importance of updating messenger apps as these updates sometimes come with better features regarding security and bug fixing and these type of things are always to a user’s benefit.