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Sometimes we just really need to put that brain to work, don’t we? Why not do it with some fun but challenging puzzle games. There’s a variety of this type of games on Android and they’re designed to please a wide array of preferences.

Monument Valley

This visually stunning game that is reminiscent of the stairs designed be Escher is both soothing and challenging. In the game you play a hooded princess named Ida who seeks forgiveness. She goes from one optical illusion based scene to the next as she moves pillars and platforms, all the while avoiding the crow people that block her path.


In Christianity, Limbo is a place for the souls of those who died before getting baptized such as infants or religious figures that existed before Christ. The game Limbo, although visually enthralling, is just as macabre as the religious notion and features a strange elastic young boy who dies in various awful ways in search of his sister. You have to solve increasingly difficult puzzles as he advances in the Netherworld.

The Room 2

The game is very slow paced and relies on your observational abilities. Your character is trapped strange dimension named Null and it has to unlock puzzles in room in order to escape.


It’s a lovely game with fun visuals and very awesome music where you play a guide to a group of travelers that are walking across a dangerous landscape in search of freedom. They follow you when you press the guide’s staff which creates a bolt of lightning.

Little Inferno

Little Inferno is a very interesting and engaging game. In it, you are a small little boy who owns a Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace. It’s snowy outside and the children are encouraged to burn their favorite toys and other possessions in it just to enjoy the beauty of the flames.