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Last year in October, the Roku 4 was launched and it’s already considered the best device for video streaming, for a reasonable price. It even has more options than its competitors, Apple TV and Amazon Firestick.

If you buy a Roku 4, keep in mind that it works best with a 4K TV. You can find it at a price of $129.99 and it’s considerably faster, better and more open that the previous versions. Also, you can use Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, Hulu, or whatever else you want because Roku 4 doesn’t ask for a subscription.

But, besides the Roku 4, fans will be pleased to hear that the new Roku Streaming Stick also came out, at a price of only $50. It’s longer and thinner than its predecessor and it’s actually seen as an update from the first one, released a few years ago.

What is actually surprising is the fact that Roku launched both the Roku 4 and the Roku Streaming Stick, basically making them compete with each other. And so far, the Streaming Stick is winning. But for those who know a bit about technology, there are a few differences between the two: the Streaming Stick streams in HD, while the Roky 4 streams in 4K which is, of course, better.

Besides these 2, Roku also announced a new streaming player, the Roku SE, which will be around only for a limited time, because it has a limited number of players.

The players can be purchased for $49.99 from Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Kohls and through Roku’s website.

As for how it will work, it will support 1080 pixel video streaming, it will work both with HDMI and analog TVs and will have the Roku OS 7 operating system, which will allow users to access about 3,000 streaming channels and 300,000 movies and TV show episodes.