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Good news for Pokefans, the developers have started beta testing the Pokemon GO, and this means that we will get more and more details about the great mobile game that will appear soon (or not that soon). According to some information released by the testers on Silph Road Network (a thread on Reddit for Pokemon GO!), battle mechanics will differ a bit from the tradition you know in Pokemon. If initially you had 4 moves, now you will only enjoy 2 attacks: a “charge” attack which is stronger and a quick one. Moreover, the battles will not be turn based anymore, but real time, and when playing you can tap on the screen for the quick attack and press and hold for the charge one.

The attack strength varies from type to type, for instance, a Grass type attack will not be so effective for a Fire type, while it is very useful on a Water type. A similarity with the anime of this franchise is the fact that the trainer can make the Pokemon dodge the attacks directed at it. Also, a battle can last maximum 120 seconds, most likely to encourage players to move on, not waste time in a super lengthy battle.

Even so, the info on beta version will not necessarily be kept for the final version too. Another detail the testers gave us is that there will be no possibility to play against friends or passerbys, but only against other trainers’ Pokemon at gyms. It will also matter how the trainers throw a Poke Ball, since it will affect the chances of a good capture.

Though there has been no release date announced for the future Pokemon GO, the tests shoe that it could even be launched in the beginning of the 2016 summer.