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Naturally, we can say that this pro hybrid series by Microsoft has had the most interesting releases in recent years. However, how and when we will have the next product belonging to this series?

Surface Pro 4 had its release in October 2015 and was nicknamed “laptop killer”. Microsoft did not cease working, despite its huge success, and now they are working on Pro 5. Rumors have it that we will be able to use it either in June, or in October. If we take into consideration the state of the development of Pro 5, we can say that it is very likely to be released in October.

And Pro 5 looks really Promising! Again, rumor has it that it will have a larger display, together with a 4K resolution. More than that, it will offer us a longer battery life and a newly designed stylus. What’s even better is the fact that we can see Microsoft’s concern with security and data, since they included a new fingerprint sensor.

Moreover, there is a patent filed by Microsoft for a new type of Stylus. The current one is powered by a battery, but they want to create a rechargeable one, called Surface Pen. Also, together with this the users will receive a Surface Dock, where they can store the Pen when not using it, thus helping with losing or misplacing it.

Regarding the price, Pro 5 will not exceed the previous amounts required for the previous versions. Most likely, the price will start at $899. However, there has been no official confirmation from Microsoft regarding the development and the release of Pro 5. All we have available are rumors that come from more or less trustworthy sources, so all we can do is to wait official news and updates.