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There are many users who hate WhatsApp Groups and this is mostly because there are many users who are just spamming them with annoying and useless messages. Today we’re going to teach you how to make the WhatsApp Groups less annoying, instead of just ditching the feature.

A good amount of users that are in WhatsApp groups, are muting them just because there are 2 or 3 users from there who are just spamming all day long. With other words, instead of getting notifications every few minutes, they decide to mute the group chats.

Don’t Spam The Group Chat

First of all, you should not start spamming the group chats with useless messages, which other might find them useless and make them mute the specific group chat because of you. We also suggest that the Group Chat administrator(s) should warn and ban any user who’s spamming the group chat room. This way, they will make sure that the users that are inside the group chat will not mute it.

Sending Short Messages

When sending messages to Group Chats, we suggest you to stick to short ones. With other words, if you have to prove a point about something, you can always send an email to the user(s), without annoying all the members in the group chat.

Stop Using Annoying Jokes

We all have our days when we are in the mood to troll someone. However, this will lead to spam a chat room, which once again, will make the users to just mute it because of you.

Don’t Get Offended If Someone Leaves Your Group

Let’s say that you are the administrator of a group and a good friend of yours leaves it without saying anything. We suggest you to not get offended by him/her leaving, as this could not be something personal. Instead of talking trash about him/her in the group chat (because (s)he left), we suggest you to send a message to that person and see what’s the real reason why (s)he left.