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More and more users prefer to jailbreak their iPhones and the reason why they do this is because they can install tools and other applications that are not available on the official iOS version.

Cydia, the unofficial store that gets installed on a jailbreak iOS version, comes with many tools and applications and today we’re going to talk about some new ones, which you should definitely install on your mobile device.

Airplane Enhancer

The AirPlane Enhancer is a free tool that’s found on the BigBoss repo. If you are a person who uses frequently the AirPlane mode, then you will surely find this app useful. According to the developer, this tool allows you to keep the AirPlane Mode without any problems for as long as you want. With other words, if you hate the limitations that the AirPlane Mode comes with, then you should test out the AirPlane Enhancer.

Volume Mixer 2

The Volume Mixer 2 tool will allow you to have full control of the iOS device volume. Not many know, but one of the most annoying things that the iOS platform comes with, is that the users are allowed to access specific volume outputs only when that channel is in use. However, the Volume Mixer 2 will make sure that you get full access over the volume level of each output channel. The tool costs 0.99 dollars and it can be found via the BigBoss repo.

PowerDown Customizer

The PowerDown Customizer costs 0.99 dollars and it’s found on the BigBoss repo. This application brings some additional (re)boot options to your mobile device such as: Safe Mode, Reboot and more.


As the name suggests, the PauseAfterCall tool will make sure that if you listen music when you answer a call, it will pause it, but it will NOT resume it back once the calls ends. The reason why you will want to have this tool is that most of us prefer to unplug the headphones when we talk on the phone, which means that when the call ends, the music will start playing on our speakers, which can be quit annoying for the people around you. Well, if you have PauseAfterCall tool, you will be able to plug your headphones first, before resuming the music.