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Thanks to the new Indie Corner that has been released for the Google Play Store, we will find with ease new unique game ideas from independent developers.

During the Game Developers Conference (GDC) that has been held in March 2016, Google has promised that they will make an Indie Corner that will be designed to showcase some awesome games that are created by indie developers. In addition, the developers have also been invited to submit their own games so that Google can take them into consideration. The games are chosen based on the quality of experience and the exemplary use of the Google Play Game services.

We remind you that this announcement has been made by Google when it was launching its new raft of game services for developers and players to investigate. It is good to know that 15 titles have been selected for the first Indie Corner showcase, and more than half of them are *FREE*. Thanks to this, we’re pretty sure that many gamers will try them out and if they are good enough, they will get more popular.

This is surely great news for indie game developers who are not very popular and not many people know about them.

Here is the list of games that have selected for the “Indie Corner”:

Free Games:

– Brave Guardians
– Hammer Bomb – Creepy Dungeons
– Barrier X
– AfterLoop
– Beat Jumper
– Bit Blaster
– Mighty Crew: Millennium Legend
– Launchasaurus
– Quick Whack: Cube Clicker

Paid Games:

– Downwell – 3 dollars
– Chameleon Run – 2 dollars
– Super Arc Light – 0.99 dollars
– twofold inc. – 3.99 dollars
– HoPiKo – 2 dollars
– har-mo-ny 3 – 3 dollars.

What are your thoughts about Indie games? Will you try out any of the free Indie games that we’ve listed above?