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Final Fantasy is one of most long lasting franchise, having started in 1986. The original game wasn’t really a huge success, and the game took off for real with the launching of Final Fantasy 6 and 7, in the ‘90s. However, it helped the company, Square Enix, get back on its feet. And so, despite not being an one-time hit everybody thought it will be, Final Fantasy became an amazing franchise of JRPGs and an iconic IP for the company.

Today, this game has become quite shadowed. With so many sequels, it’s not that popular anymore, and the company has been encountering some issues recently. Though they are not going bankrupt like last time (or the first time they launched it), but they are close to collapse due to diminished interested of fans for the game.

This is why they are planning to launch Final Fantasy 15. With this, they want to prove that they are still full of ideas and creativity. However, the past success will not be able to support another fail, and for this reason the game should be exciting and original, especially since fans have been expecting this for the last 10 years.

One new thing Square is bringing is a mobile app. They bet on an independent vignette, the Platinum Demo, which is in fact an interactive tour with which players can get the gist of the game. There is also an anime, which is a prequel story, called Brotherhood. It has 5 episodes and it shows how Noctis bonds with other characters, Prompto, Gladio and Ignis. Another thing is a CG movie, Kingsglaiv. Using the voices of Aaron Paul and Sean Bean, the movie shows the relationship between Noctis and Lucis. What is a good move is the fact that all of them have been released as some kind of teasers before the launching of the actual game.