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When you buy most Android devices, the Google Play application will come installed by default, this is an important part of the Android operating system because without the Google Play app, you can’t access the vast majority of applications that are provided by Google, as well as the ability to access other paid content on Android devices.

The Google Play application deals with your in-app purchases, whether they’re gems in Clash of Clans, crystals in Summoners War or just some new levels in Plants vs Zombies, the Google Play application will be the one responsible for delivering your product to you, whether they’re they the aforementioned micro transactions or entire applications by themselves, Google Play will start the download and install the application without bothering you.

Downloading the Google Play store app

If for whatever reason, your device manufacturer has their own app store, one which is different from Google Play, you don’t need to worry about anything, you’ll have to change a couple of settings in your Android device and that’s pretty much it.

The first step in installing the Google Play app is to give the Android OS permission to install applications from unknown sources, this is a feature which is locked in Apple’s iOS and is the reason that iOS devices have to be jailbreaked before applications from a place other than the iTunes Store can be installed.

Simply go to your Android phone’s settings, in the Security sub-menu, find “Unknown Sources” and simply enable it, effectively removing the limitations on application installation. Remember to only install applications from trustworthy sources, there’s a reason this feature is disabled by default, to protect you from malicious software.

After allowing your phone to install applications from unknown sources, all you need to do is download the Google Play APK file, an APK file is essentially just a compressed zip file with an APK extension, if you rename one to .zip instead of .APK, you can check out whatever is inside it.

Different versions of the Play Store can be found over here, we honestly recommend the latest version available.

Why is Google Play important

Apart from the fact that it’s the application responsible for managing all your other applications, it’s also a reliable way of delivering updates for other applications, whenever an application has an update available to be downloaded.

Automatic updates are an important part of modern software, the reason behind this is simple, modern software is complex, there are always some vulnerabilities, bugs, glitches or major loopholes that need to be patched up, the negative parts are removed and the app is improved upon, for games: new stages might be added, new playable characters might be added, for other applications it may simply be to fix a security risk, no matter what the reason behind these updates, they’re definitely a must-have, keep in mind that many applications stop functioning unless you update to the latest version.

Without the Google Play application on your Android device, you’ll have to manually download separate APK files for each individual application whenever an update is released, then manually apply the update.