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It is an unspoken truth, but well known that a lot of us use our smart devices while taking a moment (or a few) in the bathroom. All jokes aside, it may be at the beginning of your day or a break from the busyness of work – but that alone time is perfect for jotting down new ideas, work on existing personal projects/documents or just a chance to explore some new creative apps. Embracing this reality, here is a list of the best apps to get creative and productive with during toilet-time. One rule for using apps while on the toilet: Be sure to tap and swipe before you wipe! 

–          Meme Generator by MemeCrunch 

Have you thought of a funny meme but never had the time to really sit down and create it? With Meme Generator, you can sift through a wide variety of templated images, or upload your own personal image that you can share amongst your friends or your social media circle. You never quite know which meme will be next to go viral! And no one will ever know where your creativity stems from…

–          Enlight by Lightricks 

Those bathroom moments are the perfect time to turn a boring picture into an amazing piece of art. Enlight is the ultimate app for truly enhancing and layering your personal photos to create surreal and beautiful imagery. As Apple’s Runner-Up App of the Year in 2015, this app is loaded with features dedicated to making sure you have plenty of tools to edit and make your personal photographs come to life. Who ever knew that you could get Photoshop results while sitting in a bathroom stall?

–          Brushes XP by Elena Kolchina 

Are you ever feeling artistic on the toilet? Do you wish to paint with deep browns, light greens and porcelain white colors? Even famous artists have been caught using this fantastic painting application (although maybe not on the loo). A professional approach to simplify mobile drawing, the focus on detail is highly emphasized with this application. Design, sketch, colorize and edit to take your sketches to the next level. Once completed, this app gives users the option to record the process to allow future playback or share or “How To” guides online.

–          Cinematic by Hipstamatic, LLC 

You and your buddies had a wild night out, and taking advantage of your lack of control, you decide to spruce up your drunked videos of keg stands, climbing objects and attempting to tip cows. Brought to you by the creators of the well-known Hipstamatic, they take the same filterized approach to photos but add them do your personal mobile videos. But please make sure you don’t accidentally hit record during toilet time editing…

Paper by FiftyThree

–          Paper by FiftyThree Inc 

It really can be true that some of our lightbulb moments happen when we are resting in the bathroom. Why not take the time to seize the moment? With Paper you can creatively develop notes, photos, sketches and link them together to keep all your best ideas together in one great app. When you are feeling inspired, this app does an amazing job at allowing users to construct and organize their ideas.

–          SimpleMind – Mind Mapping by xpt Software & Consulting B.V 

You are busy at work, and the only time to yourself to contemplate an idea and next steps is while you are in the bathroom, taking care of business. You have your ideas but need to visualize them to put them all together in a way that works for you. With this mind mapping tool, you can easily create of web of thoughts and ideas using colors to help you organize your ideas.

–          BitMoji by BitStrips 

It can be really easy to feel a bit silly while sitting on the john, so why not take advantage by using BitMoji. You don’t need to be Kim Kardashian to have your personalized emojis. Build your avatar, put yourself in different situations, add text and voila – you are a caricature to share with all your friends!

–          Remixlive 

If you’re noise shy in the bathroom but are feeling a little musical, take a pair of headphones and have some fun with loops and beat pads. This intuitive app lets your remix by adding music, syncing loops, sounds and effects that can come together to make a pretty decent song. The app produces high quality audio samples and instruments to give your track a professional vibe. Even in a nonprofessional setting. Oh yeah – it’s potty-time!


–          MSQRD 

Do you want to be Batman? Iron Man? A leprechaun? With MSQRD you can instantly use your camera to add cool masks that overlay over your face. With advancements in auto face- detection, it can’t get any easier to be a hero, clown or mythical being.

–          Recolor 

You are sitting down, elbows on your knees, phone in your hand and need a therapeutic moment to yourself. Try one of the most viral and popular activities of the year – adult coloring books. Recolor gives you a great assortment of images and designs that allow you to digitally color in to add your own stylistic flare for maximum toilet time creativeness.

–          Fyuse 

This application adds spacial perspective to your photos by tilting and swiping on your screen, you can turn your photos into 3D. This app is slightly more complex than others on this list, but has simplified the interface for easy to use. Once finalized, with their embedded social sharing abilities you can share your moments and view them in different angles for a unique interaction.

–          Action Movie FX 

We all secretly have videos of ourselves or our friends failing at something. Maybe we tried a cool trick on our bike and fell awkwardly. Why not add explosions and cool video effects that can turn your videos into cool action sequences. This app can make any video into your directorial debut. And it’s perfectly fun for those quiet moments on the toilet.

–          LEGO Movie Maker 

Very few things make us feel nostalgic like LEGO does. They have done a fantastic job creating apps that are fun and easy to use. Create your own character, add sound effects, backgrounds, multiple frames for movement and bring your character to life in the LEGO universe! With so many options to add, edit and use your own camera roll content, you can be an adult but feel like a kid again.

–          Djay 2 

Is your new alias DJ Double P? Well, it could be. Djay 2 for iphone is a truly amazing app for scratching, embedding drum machine loops, adding FX, recording and an overall powerful DJ system. It has the ability to integrate Spotify or use your own iTunes library to mix your music on the fly…or on the toilet.

–          EmojiMyFace 

Emoji’s are now a part of our daily conversation experience. A thought, a sentence or an idea can always be enhanced by use or over usage of emoji’s. Why not take it to the next level by literally, emoji-ing your face into it! Overlay your face on a fruit, pizza pie, or moon to really make your friends think you are the coolest person ever! (K, maybe not ever).

–          Emojify 

Everyone who has been to college has seen the poster of Bob Marley made up of a mosaic of album covers. Take your favorite selfie or image and let this app turn it into a cool mosaic, but with emojis! The collage of emoticons cleverly detects the composition of the photo to place the correct colored icons that give you a great result.

–          TouristEraser 

Did you take an incredible picture of a skyline but a light post got in the way? Did you capture an incredible photo of your friends but got photo bombed? With this app you can erase unwanted people, cars and objects from your mobile phone to make your perfect picture. Never let your photos be interrupted by unwanted people or objects again!

–          Replay

Replay is a powerful yet accessible app to blend your clips and photos into short videos, add text, music and filters for social sharing. This one is great for using those bathroom moments to spruce up your camera roll contents.

–          Paper

Taking Paper to the toilet is like taking a digital version of your sketchbook to the bathroom. There is a great range of virtual pens and tools to sketch, write and scribble whatever you like – from diagrams to artworks. There’s also a stylus that can be used with it.

–          Loop

Playing with this one on the toilet might have you sitting in there for longer than you really need. Loop brings your scribbles to life, essentially making hand-drawn animations, which can then be shared. The more you delve into this one, the better you’ll get at it, and the more potential you’ll find.

–          Procreate

This one is really for the sketch enthusiast. With a huge amount of brushes (more than 120), this app is great for a quick sketch in a moment of toilet-bordem, but is more than capable of handling much larger, complex work as well.

–          Wattpad

With Wattpad, you can be a reader or a writer. Wattpad has a large catalogue of stories to read from. However if you have a toilet-stall moment of creativity, you can also write out your own story and share it with the community.