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Everybody knows the Candy Crush Saga games, which include several similar games for the fans, mainly thanks to social media platforms. It’s impossible to not think about sweets, bottles of soda, jellybeans and other delicious goodies that fuel a sweet tooth.

It’s a quite addictive phenomenon which actually makes a huge profit on the back of users who spend real money for in-game purchases, like boosters or gold bars.

On April 14, Candy Crush Saga added even more levels for the players who absolutely cannot live without the games. We’re talking about Candy Crush Jelly Saga and Candy Crush Soda Saga, which were updated to make players become immersed in the game once more.

And so, Candy Crush Jelly received a new episode called Toffee Tops and Candy Crush Soda updated the game by making it possible for the players to access a new space episode, the Bubblegum Blueshift. It also has 20 more levels to play, which brings the total to 785.

To get the new content, all players will need to update their games in the Windows Store, but it’s safe to say that after that, the old players will remember why the game was so addictive in the first place and they will rediscover their favorite pastime.

We will be updating this article with the latest information we get, stay tuned.