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Microsoft has announced during its Build 2016 event the new features that the Windows 10 OS will receive. Well, it seems that, now, the company located in Redmond, Washington, has announced a new insider build that has been released for its Windows 10 Mobile OS.

The new Windows 10 Mobile Insider Build 14322 has just been released for the Windows Insiders in the fast ring. Except for the Lumia 635, all Lumia devices which previously supported the Windows 10 Mobile Insider builds, are now eligible to get the newest developer build. Microsoft has confirmed that the Lumia 635 will be added a bit later.

Windows 10 Mobile: Insider Build 14322 Features

Microsoft Edge

From now on, you will be able to use the paste button above the keyboard, while typing into an edit box inside the Microsoft Edge. At the same time, when you will select a text, a copy button will automatically appear. Whoever tends to copy things from the internet, will find this new feature very useful.

At the same time, if you are inside an application and you tap on a link which opens a Microsoft Edge, you will be able to automatically close that page by tapping the back button. This will return you to the previous application and it will automatically close the web page.

Action Center & Notifications

One of the biggest changes that the new Windows 10 Mobile build comes with is related to Action Center & Notifications. It seems that, now, the action center will group the notifications from a specific application. At the same time, the notifications will show more information right from the action center.

Settings App

The new build brings some new individual icons for the Settings App. Another awesome feature is the suggestion page that will appear when you will start typing into the Search settings box.


The new build brings some improvements to Cortana. From now on, you will be able to set reminders faster and easier and in addition, you will also be able to set, as a reminder, a photo.