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Yes! Reading a message without your friends knowing is possible! If you want to avoid that annoying notification that lets your friends know you’ve seen their messages but have refused to respond in time or just in any way for a variety of reasons here are a few easy steps that will help disable those “read receipts”.

Firstly, when it comes to WhatsApp, do not open the app to read a notification – you’ve seen it, it’s there, but leave it like that for now. Enable the “Flight Mode” option in the phone’s settings menu and then open the app to read the notification – at this point you no longer have access to Wi-fi and mobile signals and the sender won’t get the read receipt anymore. Close the app while still in Flight Mode so that it doesn’t send that particular notification after you resume whatever network connection you use.

In the case of messages on Facebook and imessages you must disable the “Seen Read Receipts” by pressing “off”. On Mac, you must uncheck the “Seen Read Receipts” box.