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After six months a new plugin free version of Skype for web was announced, fans can now use it with the help of Microsoft Edge, the new browser from Microsoft. The only downside is that there is a limited capacity of users getting online for video calling and chatting with their friends.

Users can call their friends and chat with them by accessing,, Office Online, and OneDrive, without the need of installing any other software. But, because the users are actually accessing just a preview, a few restrictions are applied.

For example, one such restriction is the fact that the users still need to install a plugin if they use the web version of Skype and want to chat with someone who uses the desktop version. And, on top of that, the desktop version user need to keep their Skype updated.

A plugin will be also required for those who want to call a landline or mobile phone. So it is safe to say that the only way someone can use Skype for Web without any plugins is if the person they’re chatting with is also using Microsoft Edge. That is because the plugin-free Skype calls are not supported by any other Microsoft browser, not even Chrome or Firefox.

Microsoft declared that the company is working towards making the old browsers more accessible for Skype calls without needing any plugins, and the only way to do that is to make them support the H.264 video codec.

What impact does the new plugin free web Skype have for the users? Well, the launched preview doesn’t seem to make a big difference for people, mainly because there are too many situations in which a plugin will be needed, but it’s a first step for Skype towards making the platform more accessible for any browser.

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