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A new alpha update has been released for Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android devices. This new update allows users to test out a new Minecraft Realms feature, which we’ve told you about in a previous article. If you didn’t read the previous article about Minecraft Realms, then you should know that this is a paid service, which allows users to have their own cross-platform server.

With other words, by purchasing a server from Mojang, you will be able to play with your friends that have the Minecraft game installed on their Android, iOS or Windows 10 Mobile devices. In addition, the server will stay online 24/7, which means that even when if you are offline and come back later, all this time, your friends will be able to connect to your server and play together.

In order to download Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15 Alpha for Android, you will need to become a BETA tester and by doing this, you will have to head here and tap on the “BECOME A TESTER” button.

The Minecraft 0.15.0 is also expected to bring other features, but for now it’s not sure if these features will be included in the alpha version, which we’ve told you about above. Once the final version of Minecraft 0.15.0 will be released, it will include sticky pistons, anti-aliasing option (available for Windows 10 and VR), commands, resource packs, plugins, commands and a new mob (Archer). Other features that Mojang will bring are: trading, horses, new biomes and many recipes for creating cooked mutton, sliced bread and more.

Unfortunately, there is no official news about when the Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15.0 final version will be released for public, but since the alpha build has already been released, it shouldn’t take too long for it to arrive. So, just wait patiently until that will happen.