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The latest Microsoft Outlook Update will bring some very useful features to the Android Wear Smartwatches like notifications and giving the user the convenient possibility to respond to email right from the watch. Not that Android Wear wasn’t already getting notifications, but it was inconsistent and at some point stopped working altogether.

As you very well know, Microsoft Outlook is an app that’s part of the Microsoft Office suite that enables a user to do everything emails related. Not only that but it can also be used for managing contacts, taking notes, browsing the web,  for its calendar and many other things related to managing personal information.

This update also runs on the Apple Watch since last year, as it was a more efficient option to Apple’s own mail system.

This Outlook update for Android smartwatches will provide official supporting the sense of users getting notifications and allowing them to read email, reply with predefined messages or voice dictation according to AndroidCentral.

It’s supposed to be launched on the Google Play Store any moment now, but so far none of the users have seen it.

I believe it’s probably going to be a very fun thing to have, apart from it’s very clear usefulness regarding personal email and messages management, and the fact that one will be notified in real time about their emails, not to mention that they can reply just by talking into a watch or a bracelet. It’s very James Bond!

I can just imagine someone walking on the street or waiting in line in front of me to buy burgers from McDonalds and a bipping sound suddenly comes from the watch/bracelet. You see that person pressing on the watch and then talking into it. First thing that anyone of us will think about is that the person is a spy.