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Apple and Samsung have joined forces in creating and OLED – organic light emitting diode display for the Apple iPhone 7S smartphones line, as stated by a couple of Korean news publications, Hankyung and Korea Herald.

The information comes from several people who are yet to be identified. They have also revealed that the contract between the two companies is estimated to be around 3 trillion dollars, and based on it, Apple will receive 100 million panels for its new iPhone version.

This may come as a shock as the two giants are currently disputing over certain Apples smartphone tech patents violated by Samsung in the US Supreme Court. But apart from that, they are rivals fighting over the same category of phone users, time and time again trying to prove why their phones are better than the other’s.

However, there is a precedent in collaboration between Apple and Samsung when the former has asked the latter to help building the processors in the iPads and iPhones. Furthermore, a Samsung subsidiary provided Apple with LCDs until 2009, when the tech patents started being disputed. As a result, Apple now relies on LG Display and Japan Display for supplying LCDs.

OLEDs are something different that bring a better visual experience and a thin display to the table and are far more difficult to make that your normal LCD, and they are very few providers for it on the market.

One of them is Samsung Display and it has already used it on its smartphones. Another one is LG Display but the amount of OLED panels needed by Apple for 7S to switch from its LCD panels is huge and they will most likely be provided by Samsung based on the contract which is said to be signed for 2017. But again, nor Samsung, nor Apple have confirmed these claims officially.

Until 2017, Apple will probably keep on using LCD technology for it’s iPhones, including the S7 which will be launched later this year.