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In order to make sure that the applications from your mobile device run smoothly and they don’t have any issues or bugs, you need to update them regularly. However, not many know that aside from applications, you also need to update the Android system services.

Google Play Services is used to update your applications from the Google Play Store (including the stock Google applications). Not many know that Google Play Services is also a component that will give core functions to applications providing them with location-based services, Google services authentication, synced contacts latest user privacy settings and much more.

In addition, Google Play Services makes sure that your gaming experience is enhanced, but it also makes offline searches faster. With other words, without the Google Play Services your Android device will not work.

Google Play Services 8.9.16: How To Install On Your Android Device

The Google Play Services 8.9.16 can now be downloaded from the internet. By doing a simple search on Google, you will find it with ease, but we suggest you to make sure that the website from where you download the APK (installation) file is a legit one. Keep in mind that the file has 45.98MB, so if you don’t have too much mobile data to spare, we suggest you to connect the device to a Wi-Fi network.

After downloading the Google Play Services 8.9.16 APK to your Android device, you will need to enable the “Unknown Sources” option from your device’s Settings->Security or Settings->Applications (it depends from an Android OS to another). Finally, head to the location where you’ve saved the APK file and tap on it to start installing the latest Google Play Services on your Android device.

Do you update the Google Play Services regularly?