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If you don’t know what bots are on Facebook Messenger, let me describe it to you. It’s when you ask something through the Messenger dialogue box of a firm or an official institution and an instant message pops out as a reply that was typed way too fast to be the work of human hands. That automatic response is a bot.

And they are so efficient that several big firms have begun using them such as Microsoft, the Wall Street Journal, CNN and most recently, Facebook. The latter ones are accessible through the Facebook messenger apps on iOS and Android. However, phones must be updated for bot integration or some of the features won’t work like accessing links or using the “Try it” or “View full story” options.

If you don’t happen to have any of these, you can use the PC – open and sign in with a Facebook account. After that, you can see all of the bots listed on a site called and you can click on any one of them. This will open a dialogue box between you and the bot. All you have to say is “Hello!” and you’re ready to talk.