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A lot of alleged information has leaked recently about the next Samsung Galaxy Note 6, prices, specs, features for the European and American versions, release date and it seems that the next Note will be a phone-laptop hybrid. Here is the detailed information that leaked.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Release Date

It’s quite possible that that the release of “Grace” – codename for the Note 6 – will be sometime this August according to reporters from Forbes and TechRadar. However their information supposedly comes from an anonymous employee from Samsung.

As for the European model, Sam mobile posted on Twitter about the Note 6 model numbers and one is “SM-N930F” where “F” is a letter used to refer to the European models. Also, the source said that in the case of UK, there won’t be a S7 Edge+.

Yesterday, Weibo – a China-based leak site – presented more model numbers for Galaxy Note 6 along with the European ones. Some of the US carrier versions listed are T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T. All of them start with “SM-N930U_NA” which probably means that updates for the phones can run faster and better.

In march, another website – Korean based this time – posted that the release date is set for July along with Android N which is supposed to be finished by this summer.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Specs

A patent for Note 6 was found by Patently Mobile and it shows the phablet in a laptop dock functioning as a touch pad but also as a processor and memory for the laptop.  Furthermore, “Grace” can use Android as a tablet and switch to Windows when connected to the laptop, which means that it will be a very powerful device, maybe one that has a 16-core processor and 8 gigabytes RAM as Tech Times reported, but there’s no evidence to back this claim.

Patently Mobile also posted a patent for a Galaxy Note Pen that can be pulled out from the holder and prop Grace upright so you can watch movies or videos better.

Weibo also posted specs information about Note 6 that includes:  5.8 inch screen size, RGB AMOLED display, 6 GB RAM or 8 GB RAM, a pressure-sensitive screen with 1,024 pressure points, a Snapdragon 823 processor and a 25 MP camera. All of these speculations make Samsung Galaxy 6 sound like it will be a powerful and efficient device but these rumors are still unsubstantiated.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Price

If I were to make guess, based on the double functioning both as a phone and as a laptop and taking into consideration that the previous Note version sold as high as 850 dollars then I’d say it will probably be way more expensive than Note 5.