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After it was announced that this month’s issue of CoroCoro would begin Pokémon Sun and Moon coverage, it was disappointing that we didn’t learn anything much at all, although there is a hint that the box art will be shown in the next issue.

The only concrete detail revealed is that the new Pokémon Magearna is a Steel- and Fairy-type. Magearna will appear in the next Pokémon movie, due out later this year, but Sun and Moon will be the first time it appears in the games. However, since it is a Mythical Pokémon, it should only be available through events.

This new Pokémon was first revealed back in February, and brings the total Pokémon count up to 722. It is an artificial creature made by humans 500 years ago.

(Note: while it hasn’t been officially revealed yet, the initial announcement for Pokémon Sun and Moon showed a glimpse of a new bird-like Pokémon, as well.)

For the actual big Pokémon Sun and Moon news, we’ll have to wait another month, but it’s unclear if that means the next issue of CoroCoro or not.

Initially, that’s what it seemed like. CoroCoro promised big Pokémon GO news in May, which makes the next issue the logical assumption. However, Joe Merrick of clarified that the CoroCoro text doesn’t mention the next issue. It just says a major announcement is coming in May.

According to people who follow CoroCoro news regularly, the magazine normally specifies “next issue” when discussing information set for the next issue. While it could be nothing, this suggests the Pokémon Sun and Moon announcement could come in another form.

Maybe a new trailer will be revealed, showing actual in-game footage this time. Maybe we’ll get to see the box art and starter Pokémon. Maybe there will even be another Pokémon-themed Nintendo Direct (or just a regular Nintendo Direct, as some time has passed since the last one) to reveal new details.

Or maybe it will be in CoroCoro after all, and the unusual wording was just a coincidence.

For now, all we know is that new Pokémon Sun and Moon details are coming in May!