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The creators of Minecraft – Mojang –plan to consolidate all of the Pocket Edition versions of Minecraft so that they could bring together all of the players that use all the existing different platforms.

The Minecraft game, known throughout for its green Creeper character has four modes: the survival mode – where one must get certain resources in order to make shelters that protect them from creatures such as the Creeper and to keep themselves healthy and well fed, the creative mode – where one can build a world from scratch without getting damage from events in the game or requiring them to feed themselves, the adventure mode – where one can play in worlds created by other players and finally the spectator mode – where one views everything others are doing as a from their own point of view, the point of view of other players or from the point of view of creatures but cannot build blocks or move them.

Although the game offers the possibility to create your own world and play with friends, there are many variants of the game spread across many platforms which sometimes isolate players from their friends if they are not using the same gaming system.

Mojang intends on releasing a new update to the Minecraft: Pocket Edition, a game called Minecraft: Realms which will unify all of the players on the different platforms such as PCs, Xbox One, iOS and Android.

So far, there’s been an alpha version release and Mojang urges players to participate so that the eventual bugs and problems will be found as fast as possible. Those who are interested need to have an Xbox Live account and a gamer tag. Others can just go to the PlayStore and play on the test platform.