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Apple has released an iOS 9.3.2 BETA version, which seems to resolve a bug that was found in Apple’s Game Center for a few years. First of all, we should remind you that the Game Center for iOS is one of the most important components on many turn-based multiplayer App Store titles.

With other words, these types of games will need access to Apple’s Social gaming network in order for the players to be able to invite on another to multiplayer matches. This annoying bug was firstly found in iOS 8 and since then, the Game Center app had an annoying bug that was causing the application to get stuck in a “white screen” when launching it. In addition, the bug was also causing the game to freeze in a white screen or the Settings app to crash when the Game Center’s options were selected. Well, it seems that this issue has been finally fixed with the release of the iOS 9.3.2 BETA update that has been released for public on April 7, 2016.

We also remind you that, back in February 2016, Apple has fixed a vulnerability that was allowing hackers to use the Game Center app in order to gain access to the email addresses of the users.

It is good to know that you can voluntarily join the Apple’s BETA testing program, by signing-up via the Apple’s BETA testing website. However, keep in mind that Apple’s fans who get inside the BETA version of either iOS or OS X will do it on their own risk, as these operating systems can be unstable, which means that they might also crash or have some annoying bugs or other issues.

If you join the Apple BETA testing program, the iOS 9.3.2 update will be available for your iDevice via over-the-air. However, in order to install the latest BETA version of this operating system on your iDevice, you will firstly need to install the proper certificate (which can be downloaded from Apple’s BETA web page.