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Ever since Pokémon GO was first announced, fans have speculated on all sorts of details. The battle system has been one of the most important, with some imagining battles identical to those in the main Pokémon series and others fearing battles would be eliminated entirely.

Thanks to the Silph Road, a network of Pokémon GO fans who announce and summarize new information about the game on a regular basis, we now have more details about how the battle system might work. According to battle footage they got to see, Pokémon GO battles are real-time and fast-paced.

You can tap for a quick attack or press and hold for a charge attack. Pokémon types influence the amount of damage dealt, like in the main games, and there seems to be some sort of stamina system for using attacks.

Of course, this has caused no end of controversy. Some people are excited for real-time battles, especially since a quicker, more efficient battling style might fit the AR nature of Pokémon GO better than the long, drawn-out battles in traditional games. It’s also gotten the attention of players who prefer action RPG combat in general, and those who always wished they could play Pokémon battles in real-time.

On the other hand, fans who were hoping for traditional Pokémon combat aren’t as happy. To many, this news raises fears that Pokémon GO battles won’t require the same level of strategy as battling in the main series. And for players who prefer turn-based combat, it can be seen as one more blow in the ongoing debate about turn-based RPGs versus action RPGs in today’s market.

Right now, it’s too early to pass judgment on Pokémon GO’s battle system. It might be ideal. It might fall short of expectations. We can’t say, especially since most players haven’t even seen it in action yet, much less tried it. Even once the game is out, something like this will likely be subjective.

How do you feel about real-time battles in Pokémon GO? Do you find the news exciting or disappointing, and why? Share all of your thoughts on Pokémon GO’s battle system in the comments below.