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Supercell’s tower defense game Clash Royale is said to be the next billion dollar mobile game but it probably won’t reach that revenue this year. An analysis made in March by Newzoo – an app analytics enterprise – estimated that the game has made around 110 million dollars just last month. Newzoo also stated that Supercell is not affected by a small decline in profit for another similar game called Clash of Clans which rivals Clash Royale in the mobile game field.

Clash Royale has been a huge success so far (it’s Supercell’s forth top grossing game!) and as long as the fans are kept enthralled and satisfied there is no reason to believe it won’t hit that billion dollar target.

The game is so big right now that it’s very likely many game clones are soon to follow.

A good thing to note, doesn’t matter if it from the “Clash” franchise, it was not taken directly from Clash of Clans (which revenue fell last month), wondering what’s the fuss about this Clash Royale game? Reach out to it on Apple Store or Google Play Store.