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Last week, Clash of Clans celebrated the second anniversary of Clan Wars. As a special bonus in honor of the occasion, the developers decided to implement double XP for all Clan Wars. It was a week-long celebration, and it came to an end today. This afternoon’s maintenance on Clash of Clans ended the double XP event.

The maintenance took an unusually long amount of time, especially since all they were doing was returning Clan Wars to their normal state. Server problems delayed it, which made it take about an hour. It doesn’t appear any additional changes were made to the game.

Unlike when the event began, where it was confirmed that Wars in the preparation stage prior to the maintenance would still award their clans with double XP, it was unclear if Wars that were in-progress when today’s maintenance began will still provide the bonus even though the event is over. When asked, the developers did not answer. However, players who participated in the Clan Wars anniversary event last year say any Clan Wars started during the event got double XP, even if they concluded afterwards.

So far, players whose Clan Wars ended shortly after the maintenance period have confirmed that yes, the bonus was still in effect for them.

That concludes the celebration of Clan Wars’ second anniversary. Today, players who love to play Clan Wars probably can’t imagine Clash of Clans without it. Yet the game was around for a while before the Clan Wars feature was implemented. Clash of Clans first appeared on iOS devices in August 2012. (Its Android release follow in October 2013.)

This August will be the fourth anniversary of Clash of Clans. Since the anniversary of Clan Wars deserved a celebration, the anniversary of the game itself will probably get one, too. Due to the scale, it seems fitting that it would be an even larger celebration, for that matter. What do you think the developers will do to celebrate? What sort of bonuses would you like to see in celebration of four years since Clash of Clans began? Share your thoughts in the comments!