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Computer owners who want to help their friends and solve IT problems without leaving their homes can use a desktop sharing program with which they can remotely connect to another computer. Teamviewer is the most famous application, but there are some alternatives with similar features and we’ll talk about them below.

This program doesn’t need to be installed on the participants’ devices, as they’ll share the screen after the recipient will open the link sent by the organizer who will request for sharing the mouse control and to use the session chat. Participants will share files and when in need, the presenter will be able to pause and resume the screen sharing.


It’s available in free and paid version for individuals and businesses, respectively. Its features include: a web browser based on Mozilla Firefox 3.0, a graphical user interface, Skype VoIP client, a chat client based on Pidgin and support for Adobe Flash Player 10. It can be installed on Windows, Mac and can be remotely accessed from an iPhone or Android device.


This is a desktop sharing software that can be used for web conferencing and the presenter will host the online meeting on his Windows computer, while the attendees are able to join from a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer, or even a mobile device, but they don’t need to install the program, as they will log in by the ID sent through an email by the person who organizes the conferencing. Some of the features include whiteboard, chat, recording of sessions etc.


The portable file must be downloaded, then the user will run it and will receive a request to connect with the other user after he/she will enter the AnyDesk address of his/her PC. This program has a very simple interface, it runs very fast and supports multiple monitor recognition.

Real VNC

This program is more complicated to setup, but it offers a secure connection. Some of its features are: VNC authentication, Encryption, Chats, File Transfer, Cross-platform remote control etc. and the software has also a free and a paid version.