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The Android N developer previews have showcased some new awesome features such as better app folders, new emojis and more. However, it seems that users are currently more interested about the 3D Touch support that the upcoming Android OS version will come with (a feature that’s already available on iPhones).

Here is a video about the 3D Touch feature and how it will function on a device (that supports 3D Touch) that will run on Android N OS. However, take a look at this video first:

Phandroid website has shared this video and it is good to know that the device was running on Android N Developer Preview 2. In order to make the feature function on this device, they’ve used the Nova Launcher, because Kevin Barry, the app’s developer, was the first one to get this feature working.

At the same time, the Weather application that you see in the video was created by Steve Albright, which was made especially to launch the Google Weather application and demonstrate the 3D Touch feature.

As you can see in the video, in order to launch those shortcuts, the guy from Phandroid has used the swipe down gesture. However, in theory, anyone who creates a launcher will be able to use that gesture. It seems that Google will most likely use the Force Touch as the “default” gesture and they will most likely announce this during the I/O 2016 event.

It seems that Google has understood that they need to bring the 3D Touch feature to Android. After all, this feature is already available on iOS, which means that the big search engine company will need to keep up the pace with this rival operating system.

What are your thoughts about the 3D Touch feature that the Android N will come with?

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