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After a long period of waiting and wondering, realms are at last returning to Minecraft: Pocket Edition, after a rather unusual history in which they began in the Pocket Edition and were later removed due to problems with them. Minecraft Realms are a convenient way for a specific group of people to play Minecraft together without other people having access to their worlds. Mojang recently announced that Realms will be implemented for both Pocket Edition and the Windows 10 version of Minecraft.

According to the announcement, Minecraft: Pocket Edition players will be able to share Realms with people using other versions. The iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 10 versions of Minecraft will all have cross-platform play through Minecraft Realms, although you’ll need to use an Xbox Live login regardless of version.

As with the Realms available for the main Minecraft game, Minecraft: Pocket Edition’s Realms will be a paid service. Mojang has yet to announce what the price will be, but that information should come once Realms are closer to being ready.

Right now, however, you can get a taste of Realms by trying out the new alpha test, although the alpha is currently available only for Android players. If you have Minecraft: Pocket Edition on an Android device and an Xbox Live account, you can sign up for the alpha.

Some players have already tried it and report that only a set world is available to test Realms with. You can’t use your own worlds as a part of the alpha test, which appears as a separate option on the title screen. So far, only a basic survival world is available for testing.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition players have been waiting for Minecraft Realms for a long time, and even players who didn’t get access to the alpha are excited to plan ahead. Not everyone uses Realms, but it’s a welcome feature for those who do, and it’s good to see Mojang taking this sort of fan feedback into account.

Are you interested in using Minecraft Realms? Will you be participating in the alpha test? Share your thoughts on Minecraft: Pocket Edition Realms in the comments below.