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Some users who’ve upgraded to Windows 10 or had Windows 10 pre-installed onto their desktop or laptop are less than thrilled about the operating system. Microsoft’s most well-known mishap is its Blue Screen of Death, and it’s been called that for a big reason.

Windows 10 first release had some major amazing features, but it also came with some bugs and issues. Updates that’s been released since Windows 10 was made available also had their own issues.  This is why it’s really not all that surprising that Windows 10 14295 build has problems of its own.

However, it’s latest update has no new features… just bug fixes. And eventually, they’re likely to need a fix themselves.

Problems With The Start Menu For Windows 10

A number of users have noted there’s a critical error with the Start Menu – one error saying it doesn’t work and the other error saying it doesn’t open. There are some users who claim the start button won’t even respond. While this isn’t anything to be concerned with, it’s a definite annoyance for users. And, that’s because some potential fixes are not very easy to carry out.

For instance, people can use run system file checker, Powershell, or repair windows image. Unless users are tech-smart, opening the command prompt and typing in the command listed below can make people feel a little on edge.

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

After all, what happens if something goes wrong? It’s only based on a hope and prayer.

What Are Some Known Problems With Build 14295 For Windows 10

Before users decide on downloading the latest Microsoft build, they need to be mindful of the potential issues that could arise:

  • A number of screen reader apps cannot read menu options in Feedback Hub.
  • When attempting to use Hyper-V or the network adapter with the Virtual Switch configuration, a red-colored X error indicator appears. Even with this error in the taskbar, the network adapter works perfectly.
  • Computers equipped with TPM chips experience jumpy movements with the trackpad and glitch audio.
  • Unable to connect to Miracast receiver. Workaround is available but users need to work with the Windows registry.
  • Several apps like Windows Live Mail and Expression Encoder 4 and QQ often crash after the upgrade.
  • Microsoft Passport launches when Windows Pin or Hello is used to log into the computer. This causes other problems like Bluetooth scanning for devices, reduction in amount of some features, a decrease in battery life and more.

There are some problems with the mobile version for build 14295 as well.

Yes, Windows 10 is loaded with bugs – some critical but easily fixable, others… not so much. Microsoft has noted the latest build is getting a look over.