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People are snatching up Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, offering two variations of chipsets: Exynos 8890 or Snapdragon 820. When the Galaxy S6 Edge was released last year, it had a similar screen size as the S6. However, Samsung decided it wouldn’t release its Galaxy S7 Edge+, and has gone with a 5.5-inch screen for its S7 Edge.

Therefore, the Galaxy Note 6 is likely to be just 0.2-inch bigger than the Galaxy S7 Edge. And, if the rumors are true, it would be mid-July for the next available phablet.

Based on Korean reports, Grace is the code name for the Galaxy Note 6. When made public, Android N will be installed. Therefore, Google may not wait to release the latest OS, even without a set name. In fact, that name is set to be picked through an Internet poll, letting fans choose the name.

During the IFA trade show in September, Samsung unveiled its newest Galaxy Note handset, which could mean the release pattern may change and the new phablet will be made available when it’s ready – July or August, perhaps.

Although the Galaxy S7 was made public earlier than the prior model, it only occurred because of competition between Apple and Samsung. The company is having problems trying to outdo its rival, which is why it offers its devices earlier – in the hopes that fans don’t pick Apple’s latest round of smartphones.

The Galaxy Note 6 is liable to run on Android N, as Google has noted its OEMs will have access to the latest operating system by summertime. The specs of the Galaxy Note 6 include: 4000mAh battery, 12MP main camera, similar or better processor seen with Galaxy S7 and a 4K pressure-sensitive display with 1,024 pressure points.