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If you have a mobile device or computer with an internet connection, you can upload photos, documents, presentations and spreadsheets to Google Drive. Until now, this file storage and synchronization service had integration with a few third-party applications, and Google has added two more applications on the list: Yahoo Mail and WhatsApp.

If you’re using Yahoo, you’ll see that its interface allows you to search for a Drive-hosted file and let recipients edit or view it. Also, WhatsApp has a new button for attaching Drive documents to inline messages. While these changes seem small, they are very important, because they will make things simpler for users to transfer files in Yahoo Mail and WhatsApp. Previously, users needed to paste a hyperlink to the document or to download the file and manually attach it to their message in WhatsApp or email in Yahoo.

Google Drive engineer Mike Procopio has specified that WhatsApp and Yahoo Mail users who installed them on their iOS or Android devices will see the integration “over the next week or so.” WhatsApp’s developers have started to add new features to this application, such as the possibility to back up chat histories, photos, videos or voice messages to Google Drive, while in July 2015, Google has released a plugin for its Microsoft Office users, allowing them to open and edit Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents from their Drive storage.

Google’s priority is to make people who are not exclusively using its ecosystem of services to appreciate Drive’s features and to make it a more useful cloud file service. Google Drive’s biggest rival is Dropbox, which offers third-party solutions, as well.

Google Drive was launched in April 2012 and since March 2014, it’s offering six variants of storage plans:

– 15 GB: Free;
– 100 GB: $1.99 per month;
– 1 TB: $9.99 per month;
– 10 TB: $99.99 per month;
– 20 TB: $199.99 per month;
– 30 TB: $299.99 per month.