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There is a rising interest trend for the new console which Nintendo plans to release, the Nintendo NX. You may have heard about leaks after leaks regarding its feature, but it’s hard to get some verified information. Currently, people are talking about playing current-gen games on the NX, an x86 architecture, second screen support and backing up on the cloud. Others also say that it will be able to run at a 4K quality.

However, like all the leaks, it might come from an unauthorized person, so you can never be sure about it. Truth is, there is a lot of fake information circulating, and we don’t know who to trust. Under these circumstances, the 4K feature has been said many times, and some are convinced that this is a sure information.

What is 4K? Currently, this is the top feature in the industry right now, and everybody seems to be obsessed with having it. This is why many expect the NX to be high quality, and it couldn’t be without this great option. Moreover, the Nintendo guys should be able to realize how important good graphics are, given the experience Wii U had with lacking third party support that brought its “death”.

As such, Nintendo will not afford falling off the right track and not including 4K on its list of new features. Offering users the possibility of playing multiplatform games, just like PS4 and Xbox One, is an advantage for them. They wouldn’t quit this feature not even at the cost of lowering the price for the console.

All in all, the NX with a 4K option would be big competition for the other consoles like PS4. Meanwhile, Sony placed its bet on an incremental upgrade, but many people would most likely want to enjoy this top technology with a new console, not an old one