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The first Titanfall was released shortly after Xbox One was launched, and it was one of the best releases of this generation. Two years passed, and now we see that the company, Respawn Entertainment, gives us the trailer for Titanfall 2. Now it will be released on PC, Xbox One and PS4 and it will have a single-player type of campaign. Indeed it sounds really good, but will it be able to be better than the previous game?

Those who liked the first game will be definitely enjoying the trailer for the second one. You can find it online if you haven’t caught up with it by now. And how can you not love the mech swords (which are huge), the single-player story and the fact that the game will now be available on PS4 too? Perhaps one thing that might be a downside for the fans is the performance.

Here’s how it is. Titanfall Xbox One version runs at 792 p and 60 fps. Despite the fact that the guys from Respawn keep making updates in order to improve this, people found out that the frame rate drops sometimes to 30s. And this is happening even after they kept releasing patches for 5 months. Even for the PC version there were some compromises on release.

However, it appears that Titanfall 2 will be up to date regarding the consoles. Perhaps the technical adjustments will be minor, but odds are that the second part will be better than the initial game. If you want to find out more about the future game, Respawn announced that they will release more information on June 12th, most likely during the EA event that takes place in Los Angeles and London, so we will have to tame our curiosity a little more!