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Supercell recently released Clash of Clans: March Update, offering up new troops, features and improvements. However, the update also caused an array of bugs. And, the latest version had yet to solve the issues the game already had – a disappointment to players.

Supercell took action and offered a Clash of Clans update patch, fixing the healers’ heal rate for the heroes. Simultaneously, the traps not being triggered was also dealt with, the clans’ matchmaking was worked on, Valkyrie health points was decreased and notifications are currently working for various devices.

The March update also saw the release of a new Dark Elixir trooper known as Bowler – unlocked once users have a Level 10 Town Hall. It also offered up new levels for inferno towers and mortars – unlocked once users have a Level 11 Town Hall. Finally, it provides new levels for hog riders, goblins and Valkyries – unlocked once users have a Level 10 Town Hall.

With all this, players are still not happy with the latest game version, claiming the new war matching system is depending much on the streaks and doesn’t address the issues the system had already.

Supercell noted a mistake was made with the addition of new elements to its war matching system – some players were penalized for maximizing their Town Hall levels compared to those who didn’t upgrade buildings to match with the lower-level challengers.

It’s led to player speculation as to why Supercell would add new levels to the inferno towers and how players can defeat a Town Hall Level 10 or 11 village in three minutes.